All episodes of the Resourcing Libraries series are now online!

A core mission of the “Resourcing Libraries: connecting libraries to EU resources” (RL:EU) project is to accompany library professionals through the process of accessing EU resources.

Through webinars and coaching sessions, the project aims to help Europe’s public libraries and librarians learn about EU initiatives and programmes and access EU funding in order to support their adult education programmes, projects and strategies. The Resourcing Libraries webinar series consists of four episodes which will help participants:
► Understand the EU, its context and funds
► Identify which EU programmes are relevant to their library
► Learn to develop project applications
► Successfully maintain their project beyond its lifecycle

Discover the Resourcing Libraries webinar series:


In the first episode, ‘Meet the EU and its funding programmes’, you will hear from librarians across Europe on their EU-funded projects.

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The second episode ‘Which EU funds for your library?’ explores which EU funds are relevant for relevant for you and your library’s activities.

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In the third episode ‘Get familiar with intervention logic of EU projects’, you will gain insights on: where to start, shaping activities, structuring a project, and what to be mindful about.

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The fourth episode ‘Success factors of EU projects’ will take take you through the key points of successful projects, needs analysis, good partnership, dissemination and communication, and the impact of the project.

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Mentoring & coaching

Are you interested in applying for EU funding but don’t know where to start? We are here to help! We will be organising a series of group coaching and mentoring sessions to support you through this process. Don’t hesitate to reach out via the contact form in our website if you are interested in joining the upcoming sessions!

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