Local event in Ostend, Belgium

On October 19, Public Libraries 2030 (PL2030) hosted a local event in Ostend, Belgium within the context of the Informatie aan Zee 2023 conference. The two-day conference is an opportunity for information professionals in Flanders to gain knowledge, inspire each other and network. This year’s theme, “Impact: Are we making a difference? Make a difference!” takes a closer look at the social role of the information sector and how it can stay relevant to an ever-evolving society.

Interactive workshop

During this conference, PL2030 hosted an interactive workshop as part of the RL:EU project to introduce the participating library professionals to EU funding possibilities and to the principles of a need-based project development approach.

The first part of the workshop included a presentation of the RL:EU project and of different funding programmes in Europe such as Erasmus+ and Creative Europe, as well as project examples – Future of Europe for Public Libraries (FEPL) and Libraries of Emotions.

The second part of the workshop was an interactive session on project design (the ‘Ostend’ model). The participants were split into two groups and given 20 minutes to design a project based on two challenges (“needs”) linked to the European horizontal priorities (Inclusion and diversity, Green, Digital, and Active Participation). With these challenges in mind, participants are asked to formulate objectives, activities and targeted results for a fictional Erasmus+ cooperation partnership (small or big) project involving libraries!

The two challenges tackled:

  • misinformation among older groups (focus not on the digital skills required to use the devices but to safely interact with the information the devices give access to).
  • motivating young people to vote for the upcoming European elections

Following the brainstorming session where participants discussed amongst themselves, and put their ideas down, the groups then presented their project idea to the wider group.

Read more about the event methodology here.

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