Second in-person partner meeting in Lisbon

On April 11, the RL:EU project partners (Public Libraries 2030, EBLIDA, and PiNA) met in Lisbon’s Galveias Palace Library for the second in-person partner meeting. 

The meeting took place the day after the Resourcing Libraries Conference on Digital Upskilling for Libraries, which gathered over 100 participants online and in person to learn more about the RL:EU project, network with practitioners, explore opportunities with EU funding programmes — and also on discover various EU-funded projects on digital literacies which have taken place in libraries. The partner meeting provided the opportunity for the partners to reflect on the RL:EU conference, which was overall a great success – having already received positive feedback from participants. 

The partners also utilised the meeting to plan the activities for the upcoming months. This includes planning further local events (both online and in person), as well as mentoring and coaching sessions. During the summer, the three local multiplier events, and the final advocacy event will be organised. The final advocacy event will take place in Brussels, while the three local multiplier events will be hosted by each partner in their local context to promote the project results, which includes the RL:EU workbook and policy recommendations. In the next few weeks, the results of the survey on library needs launched by PiNA will be analysed in order to develop policy recommendations. 

Stay tuned for further updates on upcoming events and resources via the project website or the partner social media channels!

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