Event schedule

Want to know when then next RL:EU event is? Check the schedule below!

For more information about each event, please check the news section. If you looking to host your own local event, you can find guidance here. If you’re interested in mentoring, please use the contact form below.

DateType of eventLocation
10-04-2024ConferencePortugal, Lisbon
31-01-2024Webinar and coaching sessionOnline
24-01-2024Webinar and coaching sessionOnline
17-01-2024Webinar and coaching sessionOnline
10-01-2024Webinar and coaching sessionOnline
20-12-2023Local eventLjubljana, Slovenia
05-12-2023Local eventLjubljana, Slovenia
19-10-2023Local eventBelgium, Oostende
12-10-2023Local eventCroatia, Dubrovnik
31-08-2023Local eventBelgium, Brussels
30-08-2023Coaching sessionOnline
05-07-2023Coaching sessionOnline
04-05-2023Local eventPortugal, Faro
19-04-2023Local eventLuxembourg
30-03-2023Local eventItaly, Milan
28-03-2023Local eventLatvia, Riga


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