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  • Erasmus+
  • KA1 - Learning Mobility of Individuas
  • Croatia
  • Zagreb City Libraries, Croatia
  • Job shadowing
  • Professional trips


Inclusion - Equity
Migrants' issues
Intercultural/intergenerational Education and (Lifelong) Learning
GRANT SIZE€5,380.00
PROJECT REFERENCE2020-1-HR01-KA104-077364

Zagreb City Libraries have always promoted inclusive programs, multicultural activities, solidarity, and integration into the society. The immigrant wave has motivated Zagreb City Libraries to begin offering programs for the support and inclusion of immigrants in various forms: literary meetings, workshops, exhibitions etc.

With the intention of improving and supporting the work of particular libraries in their network, Zagreb City Libraries plan to gather all these programs under a single project to raise the visibility of work with this sensitive group. On the other hand, a large role in the creation of special programs, especially educational programs, is played by well-organised library spaces.

The contemporary trends in library sciences show that libraries are no longer just facilities for the storage of library materials, but meeting places of the local community, open to all segments of society. The mobility project, where employees are trained to work with special groups of citizens such as migrants and refugees, will help expand the educational capacities of libraries, but also develop new roles of libraries in the society.

Visits to libraries that have introduced similar projects would lead to a better approach and design of a new, unique project with the goal of improving the current programs. The employees who get to know similar programs in libraries across Europe would have a better insight into the values and challenges of designing programs intended for such groups.


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