Ostend model – local event

Informatie aan Zee 2023 Conference

14:40-16:10, 19 October 2023

Workshop developed by Luca Moltmann and Juliette Chalant Devlesaver (Public Libraries 2030)

Workshop programme

Part I: Introducing RL:EU and the funding programmes

14:40 – Welcome and presentation of the RL:EU project

14:50 – Mentimeter poll: Icebreaker

15:00 – Presentation of EU Programmes

  • Erasmus+ (two main opportunities, EU priorities, project example)
  • Creative Europe (three strands, 2023 priorities, project example)

15:25 – 5 minute break

Part II: How to write a project?

15:30 – Group work: Project design exercise

  • Introduction
  • Participants split into groups and each group is provided with with a scenario (‘need’) surrounding 3 topics (democracy, sustainability, digital worlds) and will have 15 minutes to develop and draft a project design (needs, objectives, activities, results)
  • Presentation of the ideas to the wider group

16:05 – Wrap-up, feedback, and outlook on future opportunities

16:10 – End of the workshop

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