Local event – methodology

Do you wish to organise a RL:EU local event? Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started.

You can choose between three models:

  • a training exercise (Riga model, first application in Latvia)
  • an awareness exercise (Faro model, first application in Portugal)
  • or a project design exercise (Ostend model, first application in Belgium).

Each local event model provides different takeaways and learnings. The Riga model will enable you to file an application for a EU programme. The Faro model will help you make a distinction between a EU programme and another. The Ostend model will help you design your own project application in accordance with EU priorities.

Riga model

The Riga model is a training exercise. At the end of the day each participant (20-30 would be the ideal number) is able to apply for a EU programme (Structural Funds, Erasmus+, Creative Europe, etc.).

Each mentor presents a EU programme. Then detailed instructions are given on how to apply for the programme (1,5 hour). Participants break down into working groups and draft a project proposal. Each proposal is collectively evaluated.

You can see the programme of the Riga event here.

Faro model

The Faro Model is instead an event aiming to raise awareness about European Programmes. EU programmes (European Structural Funds, Erasmus+, etc.) are presented with their relevant features. A serious game will help attendees to make a distinction between one programme and another. The programme of the event can be found here.

Ostend model

The Ostend model is a workshop introducing the participating library professionals to EU funding possibilities and to the principles of a need-based project development approach. The 1.5 hour session includes an interactive part on project design which helps participants to develop and reflect on project ideas. We aim to provide the group with the necessary starter tools to go further in European project development with their library.

Read more about the first application of the Ostend model here.

You can find a detailed overview of the workshop outline here.

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